Monday, December 5, 2016

George and Theo birthstone bracelet with a MOM charm

George and Theo birthstone bracelet with a MOM charm ... 

Materials: Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bracelet - Mothers Bracelet

Item: DBLC5-2

This is a 2-string bracelet made with Swarovski crystals in birthstone colors. You choose the birthstone colors. This bracelet has 4mm smooth round sterling silver balls between the alphabet block letters and 6mm corrugated and 6mm smooth sterling silver round beads. I have used Bali style bead caps and other beautiful Bali style beads on this beautiful mother bracelet. It is shown with an optional MOM filigree charm. You may add as many charms as you would like.
Alphabet Block Letters: We have 2 options for sizes for the names; 4.5mm and 5.5mm. 5.5mm are shown on this bracelet and the names are stacked. With long names we recommend 4.5mm so the bracelet is more balanced.

1-5 strings available... 

Knox bracelet and necklace

Pandora®Style Beaded Name Bracelet

Item: CC-P01
*You can add beads and charms to this design. The end cap unscrews*
This is a large sterling silver Pandora Style Name Bracelet for Moms and Grandmas. You could also put LIVE LAUGH LOVE or WWBD on this design. The beads are sterling silver. The bracelets shown are silver plated. Sterling Silver Bracelets are available see the drop-down menu below.
The end of the bracelet screws on and off so you can add additional beads yourself, in the future. Link to this design...

This is a sterling silver 5.5mm Name Block Necklace™

You choose the length and style of the sterling silver necklace chain. We offer Rolo Chain, Snake Chain and Ball Chain (all are sterling silver chains). The lengths range from 18"-36". You choose the style and length during the ordering process. We have lots of special characters to choose from; Heart, Ampersand, Blank Cube, Cross, Flower and Star of David blocks. The price of the name necklace depends on the number of letters, spacers and special characters you choose. Price INCLUDES rolo chain necklaces... you can special order a ball chain or snake chain necklace.

Pricing of the Name Necklaces depends on the numbers of letters and symbols on each necklace and includes sterling silver necklace:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Birthstone Bracelets

Order today - ships tomorrow!

Birthstone bracelet

Order today - ships tomorrow!!!

Lucille gold sterling Swarovski bracelet with a birthstone charm

Order today- Ships tomorrow!
12 birthstone colors + purple, peach, teal, black, grey and yellow!

100s of charms

More birthstone bracelet designs...

Cheer bracelets with megaphone charms!

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I am my beloveds my beloved is mine.


Item: AJ-IAMB 5.5mm (Hebrew or English)

The is a I AM MY BELOVEDS bracelet with dark green (or May birth month - Emeralds) Swarovski round crystals. This bracelet is all sterling silver and Swarvoski crystals. The bracelet shown is a 7 1/2". You may add charms to this I AM MY BELOVEDS Bracelet (see ordering process below). It is shown with a lobster claw clasp (above) and toggle clasp (image below). There are more clasp options during the ordering process on this page.. I am my beloved's, My beloved is mine can be written in Hebrew or English. We can also do a 2-string bracelet and put it in Hebrew on one string and the English on the second string.

Sterling Silver - $69+
14k Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver- $89+ 
(see check box below)

Hebrew: 1 option
אני לדודי ודודי לי

English: 3 options
1: I am my beloveds (choose 1 or more strings)
2: I am my beloved's My beloved is mine (choose 2 or more strings)
3: Ani Ledodi VeDodi Lee (choose 1 or more strings)

Also available in two-tone with smooth round 14k gold-filled beads - see drop down menu option below. Questions?

Swarovski Crystals: 
Color Options
(Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Yel, Blk, Tea, Gry, Pur, Pea)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Salvation bracelet

Click on the salvation bracelet link on this page and see all of our designs including this one... Http://

Order online, at the link above, text or call me with your order 615-490-2177 or

Dalton and Braydon birthstone mother bracelet for her boss!

Dalton and Braydon birthstone mother bracelet for her boss!

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Knox necklace! Sterling silver :)

Block Necklaces in Sterling Silver or Gold

You choose the length and style of the sterling silver necklace chain. We offer Rolo Chain, Snake Chain and Ball Chain (all are sterling silver chains). The lengths range from 18"-36". You choose the sytle and length during the ordering process.
Link to this design:

Kid charm necklace with kids monogram and birthstone crystals.

This charm necklace is for a mom with 3 kids - it is on a 24" sterling silver snake chain...

More birthstone necklace options: Http://

Mother birthstone charm necklace

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Marine mom necklace with a black crystal

Marine mom necklace with a black crystal

We have Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard charms...

Birthstone Bracelet

Birthstone Bracelet - any name - any colors
Up to 10 colors per bracelet string - up to five string = 50 birthstones!

In memory of her dog bubba. Rainbow bridge bracelet

Rainbow Bridge In Memory Bracelet - Item: DBL-RaBr1 

This is a colorful Rainbow Bridge Bracelet comes with a lobster claw clasp and a tiny cross charm. The beads are beautiful Grade A Cat's Eye Beads. There are lots of Cat's Eye Bead colors to choose from, shown are MULTI-COLOR. The clasp, charm and letter blocks are .925 sterling silver. This is a great bracelet for someone missing their pet dearly!

The bracelet comes with the Tiny Cross Charm. It is shown with 2 add-ons... They added an IN MEMORY bead and a Small Paw Print Charm.
We can do this bracelet with 2 names (up to 9 letters are free) or we can do a two-string bracelet and put one name on each string.This is a Rainbow Bridge Bracelet in memory of BUBBA her beloved dog that passed away. She added an IN MEMORY bead, a Small Paw Print Charm and a tiny cross.

Grammy birthstone bracelet

This GAMMIE birthstone bracelet is made with sterling silver beads and Swarovski Crystals. We have 18 colors to choose from. They picked the lobster clasp... we have several different clasps to choose from...
Visit my Etsy site for this and more designs...
Color Options...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Be amazing! Pearls, hematite and crystals

We used this bracelet to start the custom order... then we substituted  the Hematite beads for gold beads and added BE AMAZING - This is his girlfriend's 1-year anniversary gift =) So sweet then he added an Angel with Wings charm and her Birthstone Crystal! 

Green survivor bracelet with a SURVIVOR bead and an Angel charm

This is a beautiful sterling silver and Swarovski crystal green survivor bracelet. They added a SURVIVOR bead, a dangle and an Angel with a Harp charm. We have 18 colors to choose from and over 100 charm options.
Color options...

Sterling silver tubes and beads with Bicone Swarovski Crystals

Item: CBBR37
This cancer bracelet is shown with light green crystals and sterling silver Bali style beads. You choose the crystal colors during the ordering process below. You also choose the toggle or lobster clasp. A lobster extension clasp is shown. This bracelet comes with a matching crystal dangle. You may add a ribbon charm or any additional charms. Each bracelet is custom made by Leigha using the highest quality beads I have found including .925 sterling silver and Swarovski crystals and sent out the next business day*. I love what I do and love getting feedback!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kanaan birthstone bracelet with music charm!

Kanaan with November birthstone bracelet with a musical note charm and lobster claw clasp. We have 18 colors of crystals to choose from...
Link with more info:
Materials: Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystals

More designs:

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New key chain design!!! Love it!!!

Link to this design:

Birthstone Kid Profile Key Ring

This key chain comes with up to THREE FREE Swarovski Birthstone Crystal Charms - The end cap on the key chain unscrews so you can add your keys to the 1/2 circle. You will need to occasionally tighten it so you don't lose your keys! The Boy Profile and Girl Profile charms are sterling silver. The Crystals are a very high quality silver plate.
1 Child/1 Birthstone - $29 (Sterling Silver & Swarvoski Crystal Charms)
2 Children/2 Birthstones - $45 (Sterling Silver & Swarvoski Crystal Charms)
3 Children/3 Birthstones - $61 (Sterling Silver & Swarvoski Crystal Charms)
Scroll down for larger view of Birthstone Crystals...

More key chains: