Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Birthstone Bracelet with a FAMILY Charm - .925 sterling silver & Swarovski crystals

8mm Square or Bicone Birthstone Bracelet
LINK: https://designsbyleigha.com/BB1%20birtstonebracelet1-2string.html

Item: DBL BB1-8mm-2string

This is a 2-string FAMILY birthstone bracelet with 11 birthstones and it is shown with multiple colors (birthstone or birthmonth) crystals. YOU CHOOSE the shape and crystal(s) color during the ordering process. The Swarovski crystals are 8mm cubes/square or 8mm bicone/diamond with ,925 sterling silver Bali bead caps. This bracelet is shown with a lobster claw clasp - you have lots of clasp options during the ordering process. The FAMILY charm is included with this bracelet. You may switch the FAMILY charm out for another charm, if you prefer. Here is a link to all of my charms http://charmscharms.com/sterling%20silver%20charms.html

Birthstone Bracelets