Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fancy Jasper Beautiful Soul Gemstone Bracelet™

Beautiful Soul Gemstone Bracelet™

This Beautiful Soul Bracelet™ is made with colorful Fancy Jasper Gemstones. You choose the gemstone. You could pick your favorite color or your birthstone or a color that represents your favorite chakra. The block letters that spell out Beautiful Soul are 4.5mm and .925 sterling silver. You may also choose a different message. Up to 13 letters are free per string. You may have up to 5 strings - Call to order a bracelet with more than one string. The gemstones range in size from 3-4mm.
Gemstone Options
  • Fancy Jasper Beads (Multi-Colored Fancy Jasper) Fancy Jasper Colorful Gemstones
  • Garnet Beads (January Birthstone) Garnet Beads - January Birthstone
  • Amethyst Beads (February Birthstone) Amethyst Beads - February Birthstones
  • Aquamarine Beads (March Birthstone) Aquamarine Beads - March Birthstones
  • Clear Quartz (April) Clear Quartz Beads - April Birthstone
  • Green Mtn Jade (May) Green Mountain Jade - May Birthstone
  • Pearls (June Birthstone) Pearls - June Birthstone
  • Red Swarovski Crystal (July) Red Swarovski Crystals for July Birthstones
  • Peridot Beads (August Birthstone) Peridot Gemstones for August Birthstones
  • Blue Agate (September) Blue Agate for September Birthstones
  • Pink Malaysia Jade (October) Pink Jade - October Birthstones
  • Citrine Beads (November Birthstone) Citrine Beads for November Birthstones
  • Turquoise Beads (December Birthstone) Turqoise Beads for December Birthstones
Materials: .925 sterling silver

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