Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Birthstone Bracelet with a FAMILY Charm - .925 sterling silver & Swarovski crystals

DBL-BB1-1 String Bracelet
Enter: Mar Aug Nov Oct Mar Sep Apr May Dec
Shown with a lobster claw clasp and a free FAMILY charm.

Birthstone Bracelet with Family Charm

Item: DBL-BB1
This is a FAMILY Birthstone Bracelet is shown with multiple colors (birthstone or birth month) crystals and a FAMILY charm. YOU CHOOSE the crystal or birthstone colors during the ordering process. You may add those things to your bracelet order during the ordering process (see below). You can switch out the FAMILY charm for another charm, if you choose. Just contact me before, during or after you place your order and let me know which charm you would like instead. If you just want to add additional charms, you can order from this page. Call or email me with questions (615) 490-2177
Materials: .925 sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals (optional)
Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Color Options