Sunday, June 23, 2019

Green Ribbon Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings - Cancer Survivors

CBB-Ribbon 25Liver Cancer and Organ Donor Bracelet - Green Ribbon Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R25

CBB-Ribbon 49Colon Cancer, Liver Cancer & Lymphoma Ribbon Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R49

CBB-Ribbon 23
SURVIVOR bracelet with green crystals representing DEPRESSION. 
More Info: CBB-R23

Ribbon 27Lucky Charm Donor Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R27

CBB-Lifetime Bracelet
Organ Donor and Colon Cancer In Memory Bracelet for the loss of her father. 
More Info: CBB-LifeTime-Sterling

LIFETIME/sterlingGreen Ribbon In Memory Bracelet
More Info: CBB-LifeTime-Sterling

CBB-Ribbon 29Gold and Green Courage Ribbon Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R29-Gold

CBB-Ribbon 29Courage Gold and Green Ribbon Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R29-Gold

CBB-Ribbon 35Green Donor Bracelet with Lucky Charm 
More Info: CBB-R35

CBB-Ribbon 46

Green and Sterling Donor Bracelet 
More Info: CBB-R46

CBB-Ribbon 46Green Donor Bracelet with a Lucky Charm More Info: CBB-R46

CBB-Necklace-Survivor 4Colon Cancer and Lung Cancer Survivor Necklace
More Info: CBB-N-Survivor-04

CBB-Ribbon 28In Memory Green Ribbon Bracelet
More Info: CBB-R28-Sterling

Liver Cancer Magnetic Survivor Bracelet More Info: CBB-Earring-4

CBB-Ribbon 45
Liver Cancer Magnetic Survivor BraceletMore Info: CBB-R45

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