Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quote for Today - Feedback

Editor's note: I LOVE my job!

"Yes, in English. It looks beautiful! I’m so happy to be getting this.
I had been wearing my “Benjamin” bracelet every single day since my son went to college. Never took it off. And this is his senior year.
It is kind of like a rosary to remind me to pray for him. Bead by bead. Letter by letter.
Until.....this Christmas while carrying in our tree from the top of the car to the house, it broke. My heart broke as I found beads in the carpet, in the tree, and in the yard. But I never recovered all of them. 😢
I decided that I would use my birthday money to get it replaced. Since I’ve been cooped up in the house because of the COVID-19 social distancing, I finally sat down and ordered!!!! (There’s a bright side!)
This makes my mama’s heart so happy to be getting this. And to know you’re hand-stringing and crafting this is such a blessing."
Thank you!