Thursday, January 14, 2021

21 ways!

I have 21 different ways you can contact me because so many people have so many different preferred ways to communicate.  If you send an item back to be resized or added to, please include the changes/additions on a note with your item.  I do everything... website design, social marketing, buying, advertising, AP/AR, designing, production, shipping and I am also a full-time cook, errand runner, taxi driver, bill payer, lawn mower and mom to 2 children who are both struggling during these uncertain times. It could take me 2 hours to login and search every message on 21 accounts to try to find the one that you told me what to do when I got your item back. I don't like disappointing people, I am a people pleaser. If you told me in a text that you want 2 things done but only write one of them (or none of them) in a note inside the package and you get the item back in the mail and I didn't do everything you wanted, you are going to be disappointed and mad at me and in turn, I am going to be sad. I don't like being sad. Please include a note with specific instructions and your contact information, inside the package. If you do all that and I still make a mistake, my sincerest apologies! I go to bed every night wishing for 3 things... make everyone happy, a photographic mind and to be perfect... still waiting...

I love each and every one of you and what I get to do every day! Thank YOU for letting me make pretty things for you!