Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Yes, I am still taking Mother's Day orders!!

Unique Mother's Day gift ideas 2021

Mother's Day 2021

YES, I am still taking Mother's Day Orders!

While I was looking for my Mother's Day Icon image I found this graphic. I made my FIRST jewelry website 19 years ago, after I had just had a baby and was laid off, and this was the side banner - My little boy is now a successful man!! Thank YOU for allowing me to make beautiful things for you and learn how to successully (sometimes not so successfully) balance a small business and mommyhood.

thank you - thank you - thank you

p.s. All orders placed today will ship tomorrow

                                        Leigha Montigue Portfolio https://LeighaMontigue.com/

Mother & Grandma Jewelry https://DesignsByLeigha.com/
Religious Jewelry https://ChristianBracelets.com/ 
Cancer Survivor / Co-Survivor Jewelry https://CancerBraceletsBreast.com/ 
USA Ribbon Bracelets & Necklaces https://UsaRibbonBracelets.com/ 
Hebraic or Judaic Name Jewelry https://AhavaJewelry.com/
Living In Light and Love https://LivingInLightAndLove.com/
Daddy Bracelets https://DaddyBracelets.com/ 
Charm Bracelets & Necklaces https://CharmsCharms.com/ 
Loved By Leigha Furniture Design https://LovedByLeigha.com/ 
USA Wall Art https://UsaWallArt.com/ 
Sunshine Polishing Cloths https://SunshinePolishingCloth.com/