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Monday, November 22, 2021

Savta and Bubbe Necklaces - סבתא

Savta and Bubbe Necklaces
Savta and Bubbe Necklaces

Savta Necklace

Savta Necklace

בובי  בובע ,סבתא  This is a .925 sterling silver Safta, Savta or Bubbe in Hebrew or English Necklace.  
Hebrew Name Necklace with 4.5mm or 5.5mm Hebrew block letters on a beautiful sterling silver rolo chain, snake chain or ball chain.

Materials: .925 sterling silver

Bobbe means grandmother and in Yiddish it is בובי
Bubbe in Yiddish is בובע
Savta or סבתא means grandmother in Hebrew.
"Savta" is the formal form for "grandmother". 
"Safta" is the informal pronunciation when meaning "grandma".
Grandmother in Hebrew is סבתא. I have both English and Hebrew Letter blocks.

Bubbe Bracelets™ and Bubbe Necklaces™
Here are a few of my Bubbe Bracelets™ and Bubbe Necklaces™. You may put Bubbe, Bubby, Nana, Safta, Savta, Oma, Yaya... or whatever you call your grandma, in English, Spanish, Danish, Hebrew... on any of my designs or create your own design! Grandma in Yiddish is בובי or בובע pronounced Bobbe or Bubbe, Bubby, Bubbie... A common alternative is 'באָבע', pronounced ‘bubbe’. Bubbe is slightly less formal. Since Hebrew uses a different alphabet transliteration is necessary because words can be spelled a number of different ways.

Bubby, Bubbie, Bubbe, Bubbeh, Bubbee, Bube or Bobbe is בובי or בובע in Hebrew. Some add a -SHI on the end to show affection.

בובי for Bobbe

בובע  for Bubbe, Bubby, Bubbie...

Savta is סבתא in Hebrew (Grandmother - formal) - Also OMA
Safta is סאפטה in Hebrew (Grandma - casual)

OMA can be אומא or סבתא