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Friday, August 21, 2020

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Love in Chinese - Charm Necklace
"Hi Miss Leigha - 

My daughter just received a necklace, made by you, for her birthday - a Chinese Love symbol.  I just wanted to write and say - it’s GORGEOUS!!!!!  Thank you for making such a lovely piece of jewelry!  I know that my daughter (adopted from China) will treasure it forever!

Thank you!"


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Round Initial Charm Necklace - Letter Charms

Birthstone Jewelry, Initial Charm, Push Present, Letter Disc & Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace for Adults, Teens and Tweens

Round Initial Charm Necklace

Item: DBL-N24-Round
I have 3 sterling silver Monogram or Initial Charm Necklaces shown. The first one has 1 Round Initial Charm with an L. The second one has 2 Round Initial Charms with an A and a W. The 3rd one has 3 Monogram or Initial Charms with an A, W and an L. All 3 are shown on an 18" sterling silver Rolo Chain necklace. It comes in your choice of a .925 sterling silver necklace chain. You pick your favorite: Snake Chain, Ball Chain or Rolo Chain. The Initial Disc is a 9mm round and a thick sterling silver disc hand stamped with the initial and font you choose. Margarite Fancy Scroll Font is shown and is 4mm. Comic Sans is my smallest font and 1/2 the size of the Fancy Scroll font... See more font options below...

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Chinese symbol for love, peace dove charm and a chai charm

Dove, Chinese symbol for Love and a Chai Charm Necklace

Dove, Chinese symbol for Love and a Chai Charm.
Design your own charm necklace. This charm necklace shows a Peace Dove charm, the Chinese symbol for Love char, and a Chai Charm. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Kid charm necklace with kids monogram and birthstone crystals.

Kid Charm Necklaces (.925 sterling silver)

Sterling Silver Charm Necklaces with Kid Charms

These kid charm necklaces come with boy and girl charms and birthstone crystals. You choose the number of charms and length and style of the sterling silver necklace.
Girl Charm Necklace (sterling Silver) - JBL-CC-N6 JBL-CC-N6
Girl & Boy Charm Necklace
Boy and Girl Charm Necklace (sterling Silver) - JBL-CC-N6JBL-CC-N6
Boy & Girl Charm Necklace
Boy and Girl Charm Necklace with Birthstones - JBL-CC-N6JBL-CC-N6
Boy & Girl Birthstone Charm Necklace

Boy Charm Necklace - JBL-CC-N1-1 boy charm JBL-CC-N1-1kid
1 Boy/Girl Charm Necklace
Boy Charm Necklace - JBL-CC-N1-2 boy charm and 1 girl charm JBL-CC-N1-2kids
2 Boy/Girl Charm Necklace
Boy Charm Necklace - JBL-CC-N1-2 boys charm and 1 girl charmJBL-CC-N1-3kids
3 Boys/Girl Charm Necklace
4 Kid Charm Necklaces with Initials, Birthstones, Heart Blocks and Boy Charms or Girl Charms. JBL-CC-N1-4kids
4 Girl/Boy Charm Necklace
Boy Charm Necklace - JBL-CC-N1-2 boy charm and 2 girl charm JBL-CC-N1-5kids
5 Girls/Boy Charm Necklace
This charm necklace is for a mom with 3 kids - it is on a 24" sterling silver snake chain...

More birthstone necklace options: Https://

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Boy and Girl Birthstone Charm Necklaces with Initials

Boy and Girl Charm Necklace™  or Initial Necklace™

You choose the necklace length: 18" or 24" or 30" or 36"...  This necklace is only showing 2 childrens initials and birthstone crystal. You can have as many boy and girl charms, birthstone crystals and letter blocks that will fit!
The necklaces are sterling silver with the snake design. The Alphabet block letters are sterling silver. The Birthstone Crystal dangles are made with all sterling silver components and Swarovski crystals in the birthstone color of your choice.

Details and more info:
Go directly to this page...

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